Pirelli Tyres for Classic & Vintage Cars

Authentic Performance

Only a Motorsport world leader and the preferred supplier of the most prestigious car and supercar brands could benefit from its 140 years of history and passion to create Collezione, the dedicated range tyres for high value cars older than twenty years.
Let yourself be conquered by our Collezione.

Technology of the future,

classic performance

U sing the most updated and advanced compounds, Pirelli offers greater grip and improved ability to expel water assuring reliability and high security levels without losing the original style.

P irelli Collezione tyres are built to offer the original ride emotions, assuring the perfect fit in terms of style and technical performance as originally provided by classic cars.


The synergic collaboration with the best car makers to enhance the original performance of classic cars


During the tyre design process, Pirelli engineers used the same parameters as the vehicle designers used in period,
to complement each car's original suspension set-up and dynamics. The result is performance, style and authenticity.

Original dual ply carcass construction, now using current Motorsport derived high performance Nylon material

Latest generation high tensile steel belts and high modulus topping compound

Nylon zero degree belt spirally applied as single cord using current UHP construction process technology

Dedicated undertread compound to optimise tread and belt package integrity

Traditional reinforced bead configuration to provide progressive lower sidewall rigidity to guarantee original performance and comfort level

Original specification metallic bead geometry now with latest high tensile steel wire

Tread compound retaining original performance characteristics whilst conforming to latest aromatic oil free environmental standards

Sidewall cosmetic lettering layout as original product

Historical Rally

With a rich tradition of Motorsport behind it, Pirelli has breathed new life into historic rallying with the P7 CORSA™ Classic range.
Rather than a new version, this is an innovative reinterpretation of the 'Competition King': the tyre that defined Group B rallying.

P7 CORSA™ Classic

P7 CORSA™ Classic combines two elements that make the difference: latest-generation structure and tread pattern to deliver maximum performance in complete safety, matched with an unvaried traditional appearance for the sidewall. This winning combination perfectly matches the vehicles for which it is designed, helping to maintain originality right down to the smallest details.


An authentic passion for luxury cars has led Pirelli to find partnerships with key players in the heritage industry

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