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When the summer arrives, Pirelli is by your side to offer you all the performance and security that you need. Pirelli's summer tyres are made of a compound specifically designed to maintain reliability in mid to high temperatures, available in many variations to cover all different types of vehicles, from city cars to SUVs, saloons to sports cars. The particular profile of a summer tyre has been innovatively designed to give you lower rolling resistance, perfect grip with the road, and reduced braking distances.


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​Practicality and functionality characterise the products of Pirelli's All Season tyre catalogue. They provide a concentration of technology that seamlessly integrates the characteristics of both summer and winter tyres, to offer a unique solution all year round. The technological innovation achieved by Pirelli finds its greatest expression in the Cinturato All Season, the best alternative to winter tyres for medium and small cars. This revolutionary tyre also features Seal Inside technology in a selection of tyre sizes, allowing you to continue driving even after a puncture. In the Pirelli tyre catalogue, you will find a wide selection of products to fully meet your driving needs.


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Buying tyres for a car depends largely on the varying seasonal weather conditions that motorists face throughout the year. Using the right tyre in every season results in a high level of performance and safety, a reduction in wear, and the best driving experience possible. As a result, the Pirelli tyre catalogue includes a wide selection of tyres for all seasons and car models.